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Specialty Welding Service to the chemical,Petrochemical,Oil and Gas industry .

 Weld Overlay TIG Cladding is a way to protect carbon steel and alloy steel from corrosive circumstances with a high corrosion resistance layer. The layer is a kind of weld overlay using hot wire Tig (GTAW) welding method, it is 100% metallurgical bond.

      SJ-CRA is a composite technology of metallurgy for two kinds of different metals.

We can make overlay welding on most carbon, low alloy, chrome moly, stainless steel and other steels with variety of corrosion resistant alloy including Inconel Incoloy, Monel, Hastelloy, stainless steel and hard facing steels. Benefit from our advanced computer controlled welding stations, we offer very low dilution of alloy deposite. Real time video monitoring and recording system ensure perfect tie in and weld path. 

The Cladding Advantages:

Longer life span and safer of the pipeline systems : Combination of higher strength carbon steels and higher corrosion resistance alloy steels;

Cost effective: Cheap carbon steel + 3-5mm expensive CRA materials;

Faster delivery time& World wide Reach :easy to find common carbon steel piping products.

Experience plus Accreditations : Service for many projects .

Dedicated Project Management: Giving a single point of contact

We are able to provide integral quality assurance and traceable documents.

The Cladding Capability:

Pipe,3D - 5D

Bends:6”NB – 32” NB

Fittings,Elbow / Tee / Reducer,Barred Te:3”NB Min

Flange / Swivel Ring Flange:2" NB Min

Riser splash zone

Vessel Nozzle:40mm ID Min

Valves / Valve Components

Complete fabrication Service

Inspection and Test :

RT, UT, MT, PT, PMI, Hardness, Static Hydro Test (Up to 10,000psi)

Third Party Inspection :

DNV,TUV,ABS,Moody ect  .

Nowadays, our own Butt Weld WPS/PQR already covered C.S, Low Alloy High Strength Steel, Austenitic Stainless Steel, Super Austenitic Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel and Cladding Steels, so we can also provide shop pre-fabrication; Shop hydrostatic testing pressure up to 10,000 PSI;

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