Speciatly piping Coating

General Description:

Fusion bond epoxy coating, also known as powder coating or FBE coating, is an epoxy-based powder coating widely used to protect steel pipe, piping connections and valves from corrosion.

FBE coating is an industry standard, environmentally-safe thermoset protective polymer coating that is used as corrosion protection for pipelines and other structures. During the coating process, the pipe surface is first cleaned and heated before epoxy powder is electrostatically applied onto the pipe.

Standard :

 AWWA C213 , ISO DIS 21809-2 , SY(T) -0315

Advantages of FBE:

1. The coating is applied in accordance with AWWA Standard C213.

2. FBE coatings are applied in an automated one-part process so that the mixing, surface preparation, and multiple-coat problems associated with liquid paints are eliminated.

3. The electrostatic applicatiion process for FBE provides a smooth, even coating thickness with no runs, sags, or thin spots common with applying liquid paints.

4. FBE coatings are durable and provide twice the impact strength of liquid epoxies. The surface provides high abrasion resistance and has become a standard seating material for resilient gate and check valves.

5. FBE has a long-term performance history in water and sewage environments including salt water, slurries, methane and hydrogen sulfide exposure.

Application Process:

1. FBE is applied in an automated manufacturing process in accordance with the coating manufacturers procedures and industry standards to assure consistency and high quality.

2. The fittings is cleaned, sandblasted, and preheated in an oven.

3. An electrical charge is applied to the body and the powder is deposited over the surfaces of the valve to the specified thickness.

4. The epoxy is post cured in an oven to cure specifications and allowed to air cool to room temprature.

5. The final surface is visually and electriclly (when specified) tested to verify thickness and that it is holiday free.



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